Monday, February 8, 2016


A special event on 4 March 2016 at IIC, New Delhi
Films  |  Discussions  |  Interactions 

1        Alloush (Documentary, 2016, Palestine, 13 min)
          Director: Emteyaz Al Mughrabi

2        Can you Hear Me? (Documentary, 2006, USA, 51 min)
          Director: Lilly Rivlin

3        The Great Wall of Palestine
          (Documentary, 2008, Palestine, 8 min)
          Director: Afaf Abu-Hilal

4        Leila Khaled Hijacker (Documentary, 2006, Sweden, 58 min)
          Director: Lina Makboul

5        Mozati (Documentary, 2013, Palestine, 6 min)
          Director: Shireen Abu Hamda

6        Sami, will & faith (Documentary, 2014, Palestine, 8 min)
          Director: Samah Al Khawaja

7        Tears of Gaza (Documentary, 2015, Norway, 90 min)
          Director: Vibeke Løkkeberg

8       Wajih & Himran (Documentary, 2014, Palestine, 6 min)
          Director: Shahd Al Hindi

9        We Cannot Go There Now, My Dear
          (Documentary, 2015, Lebanon, 42 min)
          Director: Carol Mansour

10      In the Future They Ate from the Finest Porcelain
          (Sci-fi, 2015, UK, 29 min)
          Director: Larissa Sansour & Soren Lind

11      Nation Estate (Sci-fi, 2012, UK, 9 min)
          Director: Larissa Sansour & Soren Lind

12      When I saw You (Feature Fiction, 2012, Jordan, 98 min)
          Director: Annemarie Jacir

Friday, February 5, 2016


We are happy to announce to the selection of Indian films for the General Programme

1.   Fishi-Ru (Animation, 2015, 10 min)
Director: Anjali Nayar

2.   Cast in India (Documentary, 2014, 26 min)
      Director: Natasha Raheja

3.   The Deer, Tree and Me (Documentary, 2015, 29 min)
      Director: Teenaa Kaur

4.   Encountering Injustice : Meena Xalco 
      (Documentary, 2015,  12 min)
       Director: Maheen Mirza

5.   Mod (Documentary, 2016, 74 min)
      Director: Pushpa Rawat

6.   The Silenced Siren (Documentary, 2015, 12 min)
      Director: Siya Chandrie

7.   Till then the Roads Carry Her (Documentary, 2015, 17 min)
      Director: Uzma Falak

8.   An Old Dog’s Diary (Experimental, 2015, India, 12 min)
      Director: Shumona Goel & Shai Heredia

9. Casa de Quina (Experimental, 2015, 10 min)
      Director: Arya Rothe

10.  The Last Mango before the Monsoon 
       (Experimental, 2015, 19 min)
        Director: Payal Kapadia

11.  Spaces Between (Experimental, 2015, 43 min)
       Director: Roohi Dixit & Ziba Bhagwagar

12.  Stories about Us: Footnotes from Emerald Island
     (Experimental, 2015, 14 min)
      Director: Priya Sen

13.  Jaya (Short Fiction, 2014, 19 min)
       Director: Puja Maewal

14.  Kadavu (Short Fiction, 2015, 42 min)
       Director: Karuna Viswanath

15.  Muds on Muddy Mind (Short Fiction, 2015, 6 min)
       Director: Chanchal Guru

16.  Song of the Horned Owl (Feature Fiction, 2015, 76 min)
       Director: Manju Borah

Animation   |   Documentary   |   Experimental   |   Short Fiction   |   Feature Fiction

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

SOUNDPHILES 2016 | Selection

IAWRT announces the selection for the 3rd edition of Soundphiles

1.    Sonderfrooh (Noida, 04:41)
       Sound Artist: Aruna Rao

2.    Sidetalk (Bangalore, 04:55)
       Sound Artist: Maraa Collective (Angarika Guha)

3.    In A Sea of Other Voices (Gurgaon, 03:19)
       Sound Artists: Namrata Mehta & Prerna Bishnoi

4.    This is My Song (Delhi, 01:15)
       Sound Artist: Saba Hasan

5.    Birds Do It. Bees Do It. (Delhi, 06:58)
       Sound Artists: Sana Amir & Syed Farhan Aqeel Zaidi

6.    Denial, From The Surface (Vadodara, 06:20)
       Sound Artists: Surfatial (Malavika Rajnarayan, Satya, Prayas Abhinav)

7.    Ucha Nicha (Mumbai, 03:51)
       Sound Artists: Bidyut Suman Ekka, Eugene Soreng, Vishal Langthasa & 
       Arjun Chavah (Studio Raw Sound)

8.    Body Talk (Bangalore, 04:28)
       Sound Artist: Zulfiya Hamzaki

* * *

Monday, February 1, 2016

In News: Archana Kapoor, Managing Trustee, India Chapter, IAWRT wins the Devi Award

The Sunday Standard, a publication of the New Indian Express Group's annual Devi awards honor dynamic, innovative women achievers. The Devi Awards are a recognition of their hard work and achievement against all odds.
In its second edition, The Sunday Standard honored the Archana Kapoor, Managing Trustee, IAWRT India Chapter for her contribution to women empowerment through the community radio.  
The ceremony was held on January 11, 2016 and the awards were given by The External Affairs Minister, Govt of india Mrs Sushma Swaraj. 
Archana runs a Radio Mewat, a community radio in an extremely marginalized and impoverished region of the country. Under her leadership the radio has come a long way. In five years it has received two national awards and with a humble start of a 2 hour broadcast it now broadcasts for 15 hours daily. The content is produced locally. With a strong team of 12 reporters from the community the radio is empowering people through information.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

IAWRT India Chapter - A new board is in place

A New Board is in Place

We would like to share with you that the recent elections of the India Chapter have been completed and a new team is in place with the following board members:

Archana Kapoor (Managing Trustee)
Radha Misra (Secretary)
Iram Ghufran (Treasurer)

Executive board members (trustees)
Anjali Monteiro
Bina Paul
Chandita Mukherji
Mausumi Bhattacharyya
Sania Farooqui
Umadevi Tanuku

The New Board would like to take this opportunity to thank the previous Board for having held the fort for 3 successful years. The Board also deeply appreciates the contribution of late Jai Chandiram in setting up the India Chapter in 2005. She was one of the earliest women broadcasters in India and the first Asian President of International Association of Women in Radio and Television.

The new team has many plans for their two year term which include:

  • Expanding Membership
  • Training young and emerging media practitioners both in the country and in South Asia
  • Greater interaction with non-profit organisations contributing to feminist issues
The New Board would like members to write in with suggestions for activities the India Chapter could undertake and what they themselves would like to volunteer for.

The main activity of the Chapter is to organise the annual IAWRT Asian Women's Film Festival held every year around International Women's Day in New Delhi. It showcases works by women directors of Asian origin ranging from animation, documentary, experimental, short fiction to fiction feature.

The festival was launched in 2005 and has grown in strength and popularity with filmmakers coming from all over the world to participate. The festival has travelled to many Indian cities and selections have been screened at other festivals like Birds Eye View Film Festival 2011, London, International Documentary and Short Film Festival of Kerala 2011 and Vasakh Festival Lahore 2012.

This year the festival is helmed by Umadevi Tanuku (Festival Director) and Aaradhana Kapur Kohli (Festival Co-Director). Since the last three years the festival has also included an audio component called Soundfiles. The entries for Soundfiles has been on the rise and clearly recognises the importance of radio too. The festival provides a platform for showcasing art too and invites artistes to host exhibitions. 

We take this opportunity to welcome all members to the 12th edition of the festival to be held at the India International Centre from 3-5 March 2016.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

General Program Selection | International Films

12th IAWRT Asian Women's Film Festival  
3rd - 5th March 2016  
New Delhi

Films from Bangladesh, Israel, Japan, Myanmar, Philippines, South Korea, Syria, Taiwan, Turkey, UK and Vietnam

1.    Above Us, The Sky (Documentary, 2015, UK, 39 min)
Director: Lin Li

2.    The Barber (Documentary, 2015, Myanmar, 25 min)
       Director: Anna Biak Tha Mawi 

3.    Daughters of Cordillera (Documentary, 2015, Philippines, 45 min)
       Director: Ilang-Ilang Quijano

4.    Etched in My Body (Documentary, 2015, Israel, 73 min)
       Director: Nili Tal

5.    Haunted  (Documentary, 2015, Syria, 112 min)
       Director: Liwaa Yazji

6.    Hey Neighbour! (Documentary, 2015, Turkey, 54 min)
       Director: Bingol Elmas

7.    The Knitting Club (Documentary, 2015, South Korea, 105 min)
       Director: So-hyun Park

8.    Now I am Thirteen (Documentary, 2014, Myanmar, 15 min)
       Director: Shin Daewe

9.    So Close So Far, the Ancestral Forest (Documentary, 2015, Vietnam, 60 min)
       Director: Doan Hong Le

10.  Tazreen (Documentary, 2014, Bangladesh, 18 min)
       Director: Yasmine Kabir

11.  Walk (Experimental, 2015, Japan, 8 min)
       Director: Maki Satake

12.  Lookout (Short Fiction, 2014, Israel, 18 min)
       Director: Noa Gusakov

13.  Missing (Short Fiction, 2015, Myanmar, 19 min)
       Director: Khin Myanmar

14.  Mother Virgin No More (Short Fiction, 2015, Turkey, 7 min)
       Director: Derya Durmaz

15.  Mud (Short Fiction, 2014, Israel, 12 min)
       Director: Danielle Wiesmen

16.  Reflection (Short Fiction, 2014, Israel, 4 min)
       Director: Osi Wald

17.  The Kids (Feature Fiction, 2015, Taiwan, 90 min)
       Director: Sunny Yu

18.  We were Dining and I Decided (Feature Fiction, 2015, Turkey, 84 min)
       Director: Gorkem Yeltan

Documentaries   |   Experimental   |   Short Fiction   |   Feature Fiction

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Deadline Extended to 15 November 2015

The last date for receipt of entries to the 12th IAWRT Asian Women's Film Festival has been extended to 15 November 2015.

You can view and download the Entry form and the Rules and Regulations here.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Mausumi Bhattacharya awarded the FOKUS scholarship

Heartiest congratulations, Mausumi Bhattacharya, for being awarded the FOKUS scholarship for your post doctoral research work on MOBILE PHONE: A NEW TOOL TO EMPOWER RURAL WOMEN IN INDIA WITH SPECIAL EMPHASIS ON BOLPUR, SANTINIKETAN.

Wishing you all the very best with the project.